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Thank you for stopping by. This website is designed and managed by me personally, Ivan de Prume, and has been designed to be an interface between “Burningsound Studios”, my recording studio and the world, allowing every musician out there the ability to record with me or any of our musicians over the Internet without having to leave their own studio.

Check out Virtual Sessions.   I am now offering various Session Packages to make booking easier.


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An exciting project that I was involved with not too long ago was performing with VALITAR – A Grand Touring Horse Production™ in 2012.  Check it out




I am proud to announce that I am endorsed by one of the most awesome cymbal companies, Supernatural Cymbals. Check them out… http://supernaturalcymbals.com/

My greatest satisfaction is the reward of taking a project from concept to completion.  With over twenty years of experience, I know the “ins and outs” of the music business; from creating an album, writing, engineering, producing, to getting on the road and touring. More...

Check out my Wikipedia- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_de_Prume










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